Weatherford Chamber of Commerce, Weatherford, Texas
Weatherford Chamber of Commerce, Weatherford, Texas
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Weatherford Chamber of Commerce


Working to Keep People Safe & Informed

At the Weatherford Chamber, we’re working to keep people safe and informed about the recent outbreak of COVID-19. We know that as members of the community, businesses like yours may also be experiencing unexpected challenges, and we’re committed to providing as much support as possible.

Business Tips from the Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau reminds everyone to remain vigilant to avoid scams related to the virus, use necessary, common-sense precautions when traveling, and find reliable sources to stay informed about what to do as the virus spreads. LEARN MORE.


Disaster Assistance in Response to the Coronavirus

The U.S. Small Business Administration is offering designated states and territories low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital to small businesses suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Upon a request received from a state’s or territory’s Governor, SBA will issue under its own authority, as provided by the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act that was recently signed by the President, and Economic Injury Disaster Loan declaration. LEARN MORE.

Small Business Administration Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus


Here are 5 steps you can take today:

1. Keep yourself safe and informed.
Stay up to date by following credible, official sources like the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TxDEM), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and your local government health department so you can respond quickly to changes that could affect you or your customers.

For individuals who are concerned about the potential need for testing based on signs and symptoms or the travel guidelines, call your primary care physician office for a phone screening, which will help determine whether you are a potential candidate for testing.

Follow TxDEM on Facebook or Website
Follow CDC on Facebook or Website
Follow WHO on Facebook or Website
Follow Medical City Weatherford on Facebook or Website
Medical City Virtual Care has been introduced as a convenient screening option for people who are concerned that they may be at risk for COVID-19. The COVID-19 screening visit if free of charge at

2. Stay in touch with your customers.
Proactively share important information with your customers using email, your website, Facebook page, Instagram Business Profile, or however you typically connect. Remember that you can pin important posts to the top of your Facebook page for quick viewing. You might include information about the measures you’re taking to make your premises or products safe, or how you will handle customer inquiries if there are expected shipping delays.

3. Try hosting online events.
In case you need to postpone or cancel any planned events as a result of the outbreak, try hosting a webinar or organize live sessions on social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

4. Prepare a customer service plan.
In order to be responsive and transparent with your customers during this challenging moment, prepare for incoming questions and requests. Consider drafting templated responses for your emails or set up instant-reply messages with information you expect your customers will be looking for. Connect with your customers for free in real time using Instagram Direct Messages , Messenger or setting up a WhatsApp Business profile .

5. Provide a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).
Prepare a list of responses for questions your customers are likely to ask, and provide as much detail and reassurance as possible in your answers. Here is an example of what an FAQ could look like:

Q: Can I cancel my order (travel tickets / educational programs / gym memberships)?

A: Of course we will cancel your order / reschedule or cancel your trip / pause your membership on request. Once your order is cancelled, the spend amount from your original purchase will be refunded to your account. We look forward to doing business with you again soon.


Additional Resources

SBA Emergency Preparedness Guide

SBA EIDL Information Webinars

March 27 | 4 pm | Join Skype Meeting | Conference ID 132410361

March 30 | 4 pm | Join Skype Meeting | Conference ID 795692408

Join by phone: 469-225-3127, enter the conference ID listed above.

Link not working: call our office at 806-472-7462.

Business Continuity Plan

CDC Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers

Combating the Coronavirus, US Chamber of Commerce

OHSA Resources for Workers and Employers on COVID-19

Getting Workplace Ready for COVID-19 (PDF)

Small Business Resilience Toolkit (PDF)

Small Business Resilience Checklist (PDF)

Texas Health & Human Services COVID-19 website with info for public, healthcare providers, and labs, as well as, hospital preparedness tools

United States Case Counts

World Health Organization

Service Corps of Retired Executives

Seated- Restaurant Support

Texas Workforce Commission

Better Business Bureau

Today (Friday, March 27) at 9 a.m. Learn about Small Business Loans as BBB chats with a representative from the Small Business Administration. Register here.

Monday, March 30, at 3:30 p.m. Learn about Responding to Crisis with Compassion, Courage and Creativity, Register here.

Tuesday, March 31 at 10 a.m. Learn how to prepare your business to apply for an SBA Loan. Reigster here.



What workplaces can do to prepare for COVID-19, if the workplace has cases of COVID-19, or if the community is experiencing spread of COVID-19)

Potential mitigation activities according to level of community transmission or impact of COVID-19 BY SETTING

NONE (preparedness phase)

  • Know where to find local information on COVID-19 and local trends of COVID-19 cases.
  • Know the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and what to do if staff become symptomatic at the worksite.
  • Review, update, or develop workplace plans to include:
    • Liberal leave and telework policies
    • Consider 7-day leave policies for people with COVID-19 symptoms
    • Consider alternate team approaches for work schedules.
  • Encourage employees to stay home and notify workplace administrators when sick (workplaces should provide non-punitive sick leave options to allow staff to stay home when ill).
  • Encourage personal protective measures among staff (e.g., stay home when sick, handwashing, respiratory etiquette).
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily.
  • Ensure hand hygiene supplies are readily available in building.


  • Encourage staff to telework (when feasible), particularly individuals at increased risk of severe illness.
  • Implement social distancing measures:
    • Increasing physical space between workers at the worksite
    • Staggering work schedules
    • Decreasing social contacts in the workplace (e.g., limit in-person meetings, meeting for lunch in a break room, etc.)
  • Limit large work-related gatherings (e.g., staff meetings, after-work functions).
  • Limit non-essential work travel.
  • Consider regular health checks (e.g., temperature and respiratory symptom screening) of staff and visitors entering buildings (if feasible).


  • Implement extended telework arrangements (when feasible).
  • Ensure flexible leave policies for staff who need to stay home due to school/childcare dismissals.
  • Cancel non-essential work travel.
  • Cancel work-sponsored conferences, tradeshows, etc.